rodrigoaguilarRodrigo Aguilar was a successful middle class father and husband who had to work for everything he had in life.  He worked from 6am to 10pm every day for many years in order to be able to take care of his family.  Due to these long hours he was never able to spend the time he wanted with his wife and children and that was not the only thing that was neglected due to his work schedule.  In his mid forties he started getting severe toothaches that would rock his entire body and leave him bedridden for weeks on end. After having to sell his home in Puerto Rico to pay for dental work, Rodrigo Aguilar started researching ways to get his dental work paid without having to put in even more hours at work and away from his family.  There were several finance companies he found to be a big help.  Rodrigo Aguilar founded this site to help other people who were in the same position as him to find affordable finance options to help pay for the high costs of dental work.